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Top Ways to Protect Home from Fire Damage

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

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Fire damage is an issue that affects several households in the US. As per NFPA's report, property damage in the US due to fire went up to $14.8 billion in 2019. Different factors cause these fire damages, and 50.2% of them occur because of cooking. 

Other reasons are heating, carelessness, electric malfunctioning, and intentional damages. Besides that, wildfire is also a concern that paves the way for fire damage. Here, we will look at five different ways by which you can protect your home from fire damage.

1. Install Smoke Alarms and Test Them Regularly

Installing smoke alarms at different levels of your home can help in reducing fire damage. Here, you can have it in your bedroom, kitchen, living area, and other rooms in your home. Currently, you can opt for a smoke alarm that you can link to your phone. 

Whenever the alarm detects fire in your home, you would receive a notification on your device. Through this, you can take the correct measures without any delays. Nowadays, you can also opt for smoke alarms that you can integrate to your home's security system to acquire added protection from fire damage.

Besides that, you have to check the smoke alarm every month to enhance safety. If it is not functioning, you can opt for a battery change. However, if the condition is worse and the smoke alarm is over ten years old, it is best to get a new one.

2. Keep Inflammable Substances in Safe Places

Since there are numerous substances in your home, you have to figure out how to keep them safe. When it comes to inflammable items, you must opt for a secure place to avoid fire. Lawn clippings, rubbing alcohol, hair spray, gasoline, and paint thinner are a few of them.

For instance, you have to keep substances like paint thinner in a ventilated area. As a safety measure, avoid smoking while you are near these inflammable substances. It is also best to not smoke when you are inside your home to reduce the risk of fire damage.

3. Use Fire-Resistant Materials to Protect Your Home from Fire Damage

Choosing fire-resistant materials while building your home can protect your home from fire damage. You can opt for roofing materials made from fire-resistant materials, especially if your house is in a fire-prone locality. Here, you can opt for Class-A roofs, including metal, clay tiles, fiber-cement products, etc. Other than that, Class-B and Class-C roofs are other options. Even though they are not as efficient as Class-A roofs, they are better than unrated roofs, which are pretty dangerous. 

You can go for fire-resistant materials, such as stones, fiber-cement plaster, for the deck. They will reduce the chances of starting a fire in your home. 

4. Have an Eye on Appliances

Nowadays, electrical appliances play an inevitable part in your home, and you have most of them in your kitchen. Hence, it becomes a reason for starting a fire in your home. You have to check appliances like stoves, washing machines, electric grills, and others. 

Ensure that they are not getting overheated, which is a concern. Other than appliances, you must check for frayed wires, damaged cords, exposed wires, etc. 

5. Removing Debris and Cleaning Your Home

When garbage, dried leaves, and firewood are lying unattended, they can catch fire quickly and cause damage. Hence, you have to clean them from time to time to enhance safety. If your home has a chimney for filtering smoke from your home, inspect and clean it regularly. 

Other than that, you have to check and clean stoves and ovens in your home. Through this, you can promote safety and protect your home from fire damage.

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